We partner with people through business and community development to break the cycle of poverty.

About The 1010 Project

We partner with people through business and community development to break the cycle of poverty in Kenya.

 Since 2003, The 1010 Project has worked with grassroots community organizations in Kenya. These partners run schools, orphanages, HIV/AIDS support groups, microfinance institutions, and women’s empowerment groups. We provide microgrants and microloans (through in-country lenders) to help kickstart or expand small businesses that support these community organizations. Now called The 1010 Project Kenya, based in Kenya and partnering with Transformational Ventures in the U.S., we connect resource with need in the context of friendship.

Our early model was built around research, education, service and connection with the goal of ending the poverty cycle through listening to and partnering with local leadership. Initially, we engaged in grant-making and advocacy. Now, we focus on business education, access to capital and enterprise development to equip and empower our Kenyan partners sustainably.

We’ve learned that local business is the most sustainable path to renewed, abundant lives through job creation, income generation, capacity building and leadership training. Today we have a thriving network of partners that educate disadvantaged children, empower women, prevent HIV/AIDS, and provide microfinancing.

Our partnership with Transformational Ventures started in June 2013, strategically enhancing our continuing work with added resources, business incubation and educational tools. The business approach of our two organizations depends on local initiative, identified assets and cultural context, as we come alongside local entrepreneurs who strive to transform their communities.

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