We partner with people through business and community development to break the cycle of poverty.


Fair Oak Academy Generates Income to Educate and End Poverty

The 1010 Project provides business training and seed capital that generate sustainable revenue for our partners; e.g. computers and sewing machines for Fair Oak College, a vocational school.

In this update Brown Chavaseki (the founder of Fair Oak) describes how they are now able to purchase their own computers and sewing machines with the income from the college. This allows them to expand their vocational training, as well as educate and feed 240 children at Fair Oak Academy.


15 Students in Tailoring & Upholstery

The tailoring, dressmaking, and upholstery department is doing very well. The number of students has increased to fifteen. We hope to purchase more sewing machines for training in the near future.

The computer training has become very helpful to the community. At the moment we have forty-four students. This year we had to buy six more used computers because of the increased demand for education.

We are going to have graduation ceremonies for both the computers and the upholstery students on July 18th 2010

44 Students in Computer Training

44 Students in Computer Training

Fair Oak Academy is doing well. We now have 240 pupils. They enjoy the class lessons. We still have a challenge with the classrooms because they don’t have windows. We also hope that in the near future we will build a toilet that can be used for the school population.